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Where We Land: Stories   

Daryl Farmer writes about parts of the country where dreams go toWhereWeLandFrontCover be born or to die, places where the most unforgiving landscape is the human heart. Set in the western United States and in the far reaches of Alaska, the stories of WHERE WE LAND give us characters trying hard to negotiate external and internal boundaries. They find themselves far beyond the edge of where and what they’ve been, and they’re working hard either to find their way home or to break new ground inside themselves.

“The world often brutal and cold, Daryl Farmer’s stories act as a beautiful and potent study in survival. With elegant prose and indelible characters, these stories prove again and again, with a deep cry for warmth, that we are not alone as we struggle through the wilderness that is life. I found WHERE WE LAND wholly entertaining, masterfully crafted, moving and profound, and I admire this collection as much as any I’ve read in many years.”–Alan Heathcock, author of VOLTbuy-here-button